I can never tell where I am before I return. I feel like I'm on the flip side of a rock-- no, that's not right. Maybe I'll never figure out what to call where I am when I go. It's definitely not the Void, because I can remember being there. I can't remember what happens here. I probably won't even remember having these thoughts when... if... I get back out again.

Out. When will that be again I wonder? Wonder what's changed this time. What new roads have been paved, what new faces are around that- wonderfully! - have no idea who I am at first glance, course there's those who can never forget me... I never thought I'd get out from under that shadow I cast so.. so very long ago. Gods I'm old. So very old.

I don't remember being able to think prior to this train of thought though... does that mean I'm

Light, while low and normally not intrusive, blinded me for a instant. My senses returned shortly after, and I felt a curious absence of weight then, everything caught up to me. My age, my sense of time, the gnawing hunger and the dryness in my throat. With all this came another sensation. A familiar one. A breeze. I looked down, and heaved a great sigh. This is getting annoying. I finally become aware of my surroundings. The familiar walls and furnishings of the Worldsend Library giving a sense of calm to me. I always did enjoy books. More so when I'm in them.

I pulled a brown cape out of my bag, put there ages ago it seems. I wrapped it quickly around my waist lest a library patron stumble upon me in the stacks. You hear the stories of 'close encounters' in the more secluded sections of the Library, but I don't wish to be part of the rumors. Got enough gossip around me. My destination was clear. I needed to go to the closest thing I had to a home. Ysallyra.
I better get lucky and find pants before someone who remembers me finds me.

Luck favors me, pants and even a shirt were lying on the floor of the Enclave tailor's establishment. The shirt itches terribly and the pants are slightly loose in the waist, but they will serve. No more 'Pantsless Wonder' jokes. But now I find myself faced with a recurring problem.

"Now what does Pyrok Vagabond do with himself?"