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The life of Samuel - Ch 1

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  • The life of Samuel - Ch 1

    “So, do these few things and we won't be having any problems.” Abaddon said, looking slightly annoyed
    as the new citizen's amber eyes looked all around, drinking in the sights nearby. Abaddon pointed lazily at
    Zarkharnos, “Talk to him about guild related issues, I think I've covered everything I could for city matters.”

    He rubbed his forehead with his thumb and middle finger, concentrating on his temples. He began to
    walk away but stopped short of the door, his legs unwilling to move any farther; some force was keeping him
    from leaving the newest citizen. He sighed, knowing that someone was watching over this young one, and he
    knew better then to try and disregard an obvious sign that he was supposed to stay. He turned around and let
    his eyes take in the one who called himself Samuel. Not abnormally tall, he was likely somewhere around six
    feet in height, and had enough muscle on him to be noticeable. He had short, seemingly by itself, spiked black hair.

    He read the boy's thoughts: “Sweetness! Fire....I wonder how hot it'll get. Oh who cares, I can like
    summon it whenever I want....this is going to be so awesome. And I'll be able to control spirits, learn magic
    beyond my wildest dreams....this is gonna soooo....cooool! Haha! Get it, cool? I'm a riot.”

    Abaddon rolled his eyes and began rubbing his temples again; “Listen,” he said “I think I'll stay around
    a bit longer, maybe get you started with a few more pointers then usual.” not mentioning the force stopping his exit.

    Samuel shrugged, thinking Abaddon was just trying to make an impression on him, thinking that he did it
    to all of the ones coming through. But he would not be fooled, no sir. He had questions every so often, some
    things Zarkharnos didn't give a satisfactory answer to, and asked Abaddon. Often, Abaddon wouldn't even bother
    opening his eyes to answer them.

    After some time, Samuel had learned all he could at the moment from Zarkharnos, and was up for
    some adventuring. “So, what's there to do around this place? We gonna kill somebody? Fix some contraption
    and find random money underneath it? There's got to be something!”

    “Not just yet, young Samuel. First, I think, you will learn your way around this city and Merridan,
    both being known to you like the back of your hand. Once accomplished, then we will set out.”

    Samuel was not too pleased with this. He had the urge to do something huge! Do something nobody
    his size had accomplished. He wanted to start life on a high note. But alas, no. This was to be Samuel's first
    experience with what he would later find out to be known as Psionics. Seemingly from nowhere, Samuel
    agreed with the older man, not having a spec of fight in him to go against it.

    Samuel followed Abaddon, step for step, around the city. He placed small reminders in his
    brain as to what was where, who some of the other citizens were. Once Abaddon was satisfied that
    he had a basic knowledge of the city, they set off for Merridan, Abaddon using a quicker form of travel
    through the shadows. Once they arrived, Abaddon gave Samuel a few pieces of advice, and left him in
    the Village Square. “Just because this is where young ones learn to do the basics, it does not mean it is
    particularly safe, I'd keep an eye out just in case.” With that, he was gone, only a flickering of shadows
    to show that he was even there present to begin with.
    Abaddon had had enough of this place, he was ready to hang up his robes and don the simple
    clothing of a villager, and the thought had crossed his mind much of the time he spent awake. For the
    amount of work he did, and to only have just now been made a count? "Hah!" he thought to himself,
    forgetting that those around him could read his mind just as he could. The odd stares he recieved were
    enough to let him know he had to be more careful, or else he'd just be hung, again. Pacing his way down
    Valtor alley, his thoughts ran rampant, everything passing before his focus that was percievable, and some
    that wasn't. He pondered the young boy he had been training, a Forsaken named Calvar, and his
    usefulness in the days to come. "I believe given the right motivation, he would do just fine...especially
    with some competition. Mm....oh yes, competition burns in his soul, I can see it, -feel- it..."
    Samuel skipped merrily down the small paved street, his outward cheery spirit giving off
    just the right impression to anyone he passed. It wasn't until he came upon a dark alleyway, with
    what looked like a rundown altar inside of it that he suddenly stopped, curiously peering into the
    darkness of the alley. "Helllooo? Anybody home?" he asked, speaking to thin air. His feet took
    him closer to the altar, not really noticing he was getting any closer until he realized he was right
    by it. A feral grin ran across his face before he decided to do something extremely stupid, and
    took a step back to gather himself. "You will burrrrnnn!" he yelled, holding his palm outward
    as a small spark of fire appeared, growing into a sizeable ball of flame.
    Abaddon began to feel weary, his eyes drooping as his body warned him of it's need for
    sleep. He inhaled some substance, his senses automatically growing sharper, his sleep being put
    off for the moment. "Calvar!" he called through the mansion, "Where are you Calvar! Get out
    here...or so help me I will put you on guard duty in the towers."

    As he called out the last word, a slight shimmering in the shadows near the far wall alerted
    all to the entrance of Calvar, his blonde hair contrasting sharply to everything around him. "You
    beckoned, Count? I beg your forgiveness for keeping you so long, I was...downstairs...taking care
    of some issues with the serfs." he said quietly.

    "Well," Abaddon replied, "you can beg all you want, but you're doing a bad job at it. You
    have to be on your knees, like so." Abaddon stared at Calvar, tapping his temple as bemused smile
    crossed his lips.

    Struggling to stay in his position, Calvar found himself on his knees before Abaddon, his head
    bowed slightly. Words came roughly out of his mouth, "Yes, count. I was wrong." he mumbled.

    "Calvar, stand!" he bellowed, watching Calvar react as quickly as if he had forced him to.
    "Good boy. Now, I actually wanted to call you up here because I wanted to...let you in on a secret.
    Mm?" he murmured to the teenager. "There is a young Pyromancer named Samuel, " he continued, "and
    I believe if you don't pick it up, he will be the next in line for the Inner Circle, there is that much
    potential in him." gazing upwards as he said the last syllable, only for a slight moment.

    "He....count?! I was promised that position! Master Emerson himself said so!" he whined, his
    mouth contorting into a forced frown. "I will challenge him; I will show the world what he is."

    Smiling slightly to himself, Abaddon nodded, his whole frame almost shaking with anticipation.
    Whoever it was that was helping the young one would show themself soon enough, lest they let him be
    torn apart by Calvar. "If that is the course of action you deem the best, then by all means, you have
    my permission to do such." he replied to Calvar's outburst. "Now, make yourself useful, scram."
    "Muhahaha. You will become my fiery altar!" he exclaimed. Yet, as he went to hurl the blazing
    fire, he realized he could not. His head tilted to the side and he jumped back in surprise, although he
    didnt actually move anywhere, a hand holding his whole frame in place just by having it rest upon his
    forearm. "Uhh...look, lady. This here is my fiery altar now, so just let me have at it." he stuttered, trying
    once again to hurl his flames. The lady chuckled quietly at him, a smile breaking over her face.

    "I don't think you want to do that, Samuel." she said, the words flowing around him like music.
    "You have so very much to learn, young one - Enough to fill shelves of books! Yet you already seek to
    destroy? Where is your compassion, Samuel? Where is your sense of integrity, honesty, justice?" The
    lady took a step closer, so that she could tap his forehead with her index finger. "You will learn, and
    quickly. You have two options right now, though, because I am leaving you until many days from now.
    You can choose to burn this altar, and take the consequences that come with it, or, you can prepare
    yourself for figh--" she suddenly stopped, glancing around suspiciously. "I must go. Remember the
    light, young Samuel." she finished, stepping backwards and turning abruptly, moving away as quick
    as her feet would carry her.

    Samuel's jaw dropped in a mix of disbelief and confusion. " the heck..." he mumbled
    to himself, "why...I...weird random woman....geez this..." He turned back to the altar, glancing at the
    still burning flame in his palm. Heaving a pained sigh, he curled his fingers into his palm, snuffing out the flames.

    "SAMUEL!" the voice boomed, seeming to come from somewhere very far away,
    "I challenge you! Face me, or forever be a coward!"

    "Uh....what?" he tried to shout back, not sure if he could be heard. "Yeah okay! I...guess?" He
    started walking, giving a final furtive glance at the altar and slumping his shoulders before heading down
    to the village square, almost walking straight into Calvar. "Oh, uh...sorry...didn't see you there." he
    mumbled to the man.

    "It is fine, for I will just kill you now. Meet the face of your challenger, your last memory before
    death!" he said, ending up yelling the last few words. He sank back into a crouch, throwing off his robe,
    revealing a badly charred body with what appeared to be the blades of daggers coming from his forearms.
    It was a mere moment before he lunged towards Samuel, talons first.

    "Oh crap oh crap oh crap" Samuel repeated quickly to himself.

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    I am sadden to admit this, but today is the first day I chanced across this. I thought it was magnificent... and I would greatly like to read Ch 2... have you any intentions to write the next chapter?