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    This sounds super corny I know, but I bet many of you have heard a song, and for some reason or another
    thought of something, someone, or somewhere in Akanbar.
    I've had a few myself, and some of them fit nicely, some of them i listen to later and go 'Huh?'

    Forsakens (In general) Rob Zombie - Superbeast

    There were others but I can't remember them anymore.
    Anyone else got any?
    Let's make 'em scream

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    The song for the original WoW Cinematic for Vael


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      Theme Song

      Okay yeah, I've got one I like to play if I am killing dwarves and stuff, and it's a badass song anyways, but it's pretty fitting for a pyromancer, and even for myself as Icarus on some personal level. The song is "Burn" by Nine Inch Nails, and it can be found on the soundtrack to Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers".

      "This world rejects me. This world threw me away. This world never gave me a chance. This world's gonna have to pay." Some of the lyrics.
      Baron Icarus Augustus, Commander of the Black Legion, Imperial Guard Captain


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        Theme Song

        For me, Voodoo-U, the title track off that Lords of Acid album.
        Charlotte Mayfair


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          I usually listen to Cassie by Flyleaf during raids.

          Gets me pumped.

          Zycandos and Jaethor's karaoke rendition of 'I Feel Pretty'.

          Jaethor goes solo with 'The Sound of Music'.

          Minstrel Sharallin sings: "The lord of revenants is a withered man, sunken by age and evil. But his blood is sweet, say the young men - and they should know?"
          Jaethor, God of Enlightenment tells you, "((Stop breaking Akanbar.))"


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            Woot. Flyleaf is one of my "mud" bands too!
            Faith is the virtue of the storm...


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              Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home: Random background music

              NERD - Almost Over: When i'm feeling chaotic

              AC/DC - Big Balls: Makes for a good drinking song sometimes

              Chumbawumbas - Tubthumping: Another drinking song.

              Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train: Big bash song



              Warriors: KISS - Detroit Rock City (seriously, it works for me. I match up bikers with Warriors for some reason)
              Assassins: Assassinate - 'Nyhm' (For those of you who don't know -> apologies to those with dial up)

              Far as i get today... tapped out of songs for now
              Let's make 'em scream


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                "Attack" by 30 seconds to mars for any Elysian trying to hold on to their sanity -chuckle-
                "A Beautiful Lie" by 30 secs, for anyone who plays akanbar everyday.
                "The Kill" For those whom found peace in their realms
                In every great storm lies a great calm.


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                  For Chyren --"Still Waiting"--Sum 41


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                    "Dead!" by my chemical Romance -hums- and "Lycalmosa" or whatever by Evascence


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                      Operation ground and pound, by dragonforce (as much the band as the song, I suppose)
                      We are both of us merchants, and I'll promise you one thing. We will not laugh until we get the money, and we will not cry until we go bankrupt. And guess what? We are going to laugh.


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                        On that note, for any Warden.

                        Heart of the Dragon-Also by DragonForce


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                          Burn it down Swollen Members for Pyromancers
                          Let's make 'em scream


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                            Kresslack : Alter Bridge - White Knuckles
                            The Strong may rule the Weak, but the Clever will always rule the Strong.
                            Real men are carved from the pointed teeth of adversity


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                              The better White Knuckles