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  • MUDLET: Novice Map Packs

    Hello, Akanbarians!

    I've created little map packs for Mudlet that might help our novices and new players.
    Each Map Pack shares the following areas:

          1 The Void                                 (5 rooms)
          2 Merridan                                 (37 rooms)
          3 Celestial Island                         (155 rooms)
          4 Silverwood                               (25 rooms)
          5 Travanok                                 (22 rooms)
          6 Central Wilderness                       (431 rooms)
         15 Silverwood Maze                          (9 rooms)
         16 The Colosseum                            (38 rooms)
         20 Fertile Valley                           (22 rooms)
         23 Kzuli                                    (16 rooms)
         30 Shadow Mountains                         (13 rooms)
         32 Timune Plains                            (53 rooms)
         52 Mount Arquenos                           (34 rooms)
         64 Great Library                            (50 rooms)
         70 The Arena                                (35 rooms)
         84 Temple of Sekea                          (8 rooms)
         90 Merridan Ferry                           (1 room)​
    In addition, each pack has one of the three cities (Elysium, Ysallyra, Golgonath) and all of the guilds within that City.

    Regarding in-character exploration: Skia had permission to explore Golgonath and the Temples of Golgonath long ago, so I, as a player, do have these areas, but Skia has never had permission to explore the guilds of Golgonath so I only have the entrance room of these guilds in the Mudlet Map Pack.
    I reached out OOC to Oskar's player to ask if I could add these areas to the map pack but the player didn't feel great about it and declined (which is perfectly understandable!).
    As such, the guilds in Golgonath are not displayed in full in the map pack for Golgonath.

    Here is a glimpse of Celestial Island: