Hello, Akanbarians!

I found this code on an old Mudlet Forum Post and it was written by demonnic from the Mudlet Team.
I'm sure that better codes for gagging text exist, but no one has posted them here.
Please add them if you have them!

This code works well with SETWIDTH 3000 and it should be a SCRIPT.
I named my Script: Gagging Function

Open Script Menu > New Script
In the input window, type:

function deleteFull()
  tempLineTrigger(1,1,[[if isPrompt() then deleteLine() end]])
Now, when you are gagging text:
Trigger Menu > Add Trigger Group > Name it Gagging > Add Trigger >
Line 1:
^A patrol (enters from|leaves to) the (.+)\.$
[Perl Regex]
In the INPUT WINDOW type: deleteFull()

Note: I am not a coder. There are likely better ways of gagging text,
I only tried my hand at doing this myself.
I am someone who likes to write posts on forums, though, even if I don't code professionally.