Date: 7-8-2023 at 19:12.
From: Edros, Keeper of the Colosseum.
To: Everybody.
Subj: The Great Hunt

To all the hunters of the land, I am honoured to announce this
prelude to another famed Great Hunt on behalf of the Colosseum.

In the coming days the three great rings within the arena will
become active, accepting the corpses of any slain man or beast to increase (or decrease) the score of its aligned realm.

Corpses placed within your own city's ring will raise its score
by 2 points. Those put into the ring of another city will instead
lower that city's score by 1 point. After its commencement, the
competition will carry on for a number of months, with the final
end point to be announced at the opening ceremony.

In addition to years' worth of bragging rights, whichever city
stands victorious at the close will be honoured with a
commemorative piece within the galleries of the Colosseum.
There are rumors that one or many of the Divine have taken
keen interest in the outcome as well, though for good or ill
I myself would not claim.

May your might and magic prove worthy of triumph, hunters.