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  • ALTS: Information Sharing

    Hello, Akanbarians!

    If your alts know each other and talk to each other, how do you share information between them in-realm?

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    Hello everyone,

    please correct me, if I am wrong. But there is a help scroll about "Multiplaying" which quotes the following:

    "Most importantly, players must not pass either physical equipment or
    knowledge/information between characters.?"


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      This is where I have confusion which is why I am asking about this topic.
      First, I want to state that I do not have an alt, but I ask this question because multiple players do have and it is allowed.

      I interpret that rule of "Players must not pass [...] knowledge/information between characters" as an out-of-character thing.
      As in, what I know as a player cannot be shared with Character 1 and Character 2.

      Whatever Character 1 knows, it is from their interactions in game.
      Whatever Character 2 knows, it is from their separate interactions in game.
      Their knowledge SHOULD BE separated and the things that I know as a player should not be shared with both of the characters.

      But in the very rare circumstance that Character 1 and Character 2 interact with each other, how does information sharing take place to keep it fair and organic?
      They cannot be online at the same time (except in some circumstances, according to the rules of Multiplay) so they cannot really speak to each other and share information by talking.
      What is allowed in these rare circumstances?

      Example 1:
      Character 1 is organising a festival in Ysallyra. They ask for any who have any ideas to step forward with them and share them.
      Character 2 would like to share ideas
      In this example, is it illegal to have Character 2 send a parchment to Character 1?

      Example 2:
      Character 1 is a Captain in their city, or a person in a high position of authority that deals with Military Action and the Law. Character 1 did not see anything illegal being done by any other characters.
      Character 2 is a citizen in their city and has no authority. Character 2 sees something illegal or suspicious being done.
      In Example 2, is it illegal to have Character 2 send a MSG to Character 1 about what they see?

      What do you feel should happen in these rare moments where the characters know of each other and need to talk to each other?
      How should information be shared?


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        In example 1 I don't see any reason why character 2 shouldn't be able to share an idea like anyone else... When discussing the ideas sent, character 1 could just include their name with the other idea senders, "So and so had this idea, this person had this idea". Harmless enough.

        For example 2 easiest thing would be for character 2 to mention it to other citizens, or another member of government who they meet online, and if other citizens report it well and good, if they don't, character 1 doesn't know about it until someone else tells them. Character 2 could fret and talk with people about what they saw as much as they liked, but I think when you have one character in a position of power like that you shouldn't be acting on information received only from your alt, let your alt tell someone else.
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          Thank you for adding your opinion, (player of) Lenikar!

          It helps to hear from other players what is expected in these situations.
          It also helps me to better assess if someone else is multiplaying, with the advice given here.