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Jaide’s Background. Aug 3, 2006.

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  • Jaide’s Background. Aug 3, 2006.

    Recovered from Old Elysian Forum.

    Darkness….brimstone…pyromancer’s fire flickers to life throughout the growing crowd. The silver eyed child is confused, “where’s my mama?” she asks. No reply comes…. Breathe in…..The child’s heart begins to race, she pulls her hair around her face like mama showed her, hiding the tiny sun tattoo. The dark cloaked figures open a path before her revealing a wooden platform where a lone woman in rags stands, hands bound, and a noose around her neck…..Breathe out…… “Mama?” the child begins to struggle but wickedly sharp talons hold her fast. A low chanting rises from the crowd, drowning out the child’s cries…..Breathe in……The lone woman turns towards the child, her head held high, a smile upon her cracked lips……Breathe out…….The Mistress speaks. All noise ceases but her voice reverberating through the square. “I sentence this serf to death for her insolence and as an example to all the others”……Breathe in……In her head the child hears “Don’t cry for me child, go west, the Light is waiting, find it for me, for us” just as the floor drops beneath the woman’s feet and the noose snaps taut…..Darkness.

    7th of Shrewal the year 246--It still haunts me, after all this time. I have accomplished so much. I vanquish demons, but cannot vanquish this nightmare. It seems like yesterday the kind dwarf trader took pity on a young ragged child. If it were not for that magical cloak he said would hide me while we traveled and his strong compassion, I don’t believe I would have ever made it out. I never spoke the whole time we traveled; I was too frozen with fear. Never again was I to see that trader to thank him for saving me but I remember him in my prayers.

    The streets of Elysium were a haven compared to the demon city. Go west and find the Light my mother told me, and she was right. I found the Light in the Temple of Lord Aten, God of the Sun. I prayed daily, like my mother would have wanted. One day, a Templar Knight, Sir Aklentos found me at prayer. Impressive he was, with a robe of white and shiny mail. “Come to the chapterhouse young Jaide” he said, “We have need of one such as yourself” as he winked kindly.

    The rest is history. Sir Arthos, the most noble of the Templars and Preceptor at the time, taught me the art of battle and ways of the Templars. I learned my lessons well, not always the easy way, but I progressed.
    Now I sit here in my study contemplating my life thus far. I’ve fought many battles, hold the titles of Preceptor and Proconsul. I’ve even found love in the hand of Gabriel. Lord Aten has graced me with allowing me to serve in his order, yet even through these accomplishments and blessings I wake up from this nightmare, feeling like the small child that still dwells inside my soul.
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