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  • Seeking a system!

    Hey all.

    I've been feeling the Akanbar bug again lately and, while I'll wind up using my old system on zmud from years ago for now, I was hoping that someone might have one they could give me for mudlet? I'm not the best with mudlet, though I'm trying to learn lua at the moemnt - doesn't have to be the best system ever, I'm sure I'll wind up making my own tweaks and such.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I hate to be that guy, but what all are you seeking? I'm a little leery about giving out my complete system for mudlet, one because its a clustered unorganized pile of stuff, and two because well, if you know how my system works completely, I'm a hell of a lot easier to beat, because I'm definitely no pro at coding. However, I've been thinking for a while now to make a simple bashing, sipping system for easy plug and play for people who aren't familiar with coding in general, but I don't know what all is enough or too much.
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      I mean, I have an entire Zmud system coded and able to stand up to (or used to stand up to) most people, but I don't know how outdated it is - especially when it comes to the new classes, I doubt I have very much, if anything at all. I would prefer a whole system, even if it's cluttered and messy, just so I can have a base to start with and tweak it to my own liking/priorities, etc.


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        I have a system that was passed down by Dimetrius, tweaked by another elder member of the Forsaken, and shared with me. Since you're an old bean, I don't mind sharing it with you! In a PM of course, not here. Lemme know if you're interested.


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          The fact that anyone still uses that terrifies me greatly. It's so old. I'm so old.


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            I think it would be better to just get accustomed to and caught up with the changes, then make one that works for you from the ground up. Something I will be considering soon.
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              Originally posted by Nakarym View Post
              The fact that anyone still uses that terrifies me greatly. It's so old. I'm so old.
              With age comes beauty.


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                Originally posted by Mohrion View Post
                With age comes beauty.
                Thank goodness. This is my only saving grace.
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