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Thread: Hi Nerds

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    It's not my fault (...this time)

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    Can we get like a state of the game update? Every few weeks or months I poke the html client, and it would be nice to get some closure if things are done done.
    We are both of us merchants, and I'll promise you one thing. We will not laugh until we get the money, and we will not cry until we go bankrupt. And guess what? We are going to laugh.

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    Aye, I agree with Lawrence, can we get an update? I'd be more than willing to donate to keep everything going if that is the issue
    Clouds of dark writhing tendrils appear out of thin air, hovering momentarily
    before shaping into the form of Alyxa, Goddess of Night.
    Alyxa, Goddess of Night flails Night's Kiss at you, red welts appearing on
    your skin where the lash hits you.
    You purr softly.
    Nightingale Vasuda is here, riding a wooden rocking horse.



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