Heralding the middle of an unimportant year no where near the 25 year mark, Akanbar's 25-year-akanbar-mas celebration is once again upon us. Last year brought gifts to the young kids. This year brings war. Two young boys approached Yita, requesting an arena for what would become a fight that would engulf the nearby villages. Children across the land, spanning from the mists of Sian Dorah to the pious Khazir came to join the fight, each child choosing sides.

The Sapphire Snakes were established, becoming quick enemies of the Ruby Rats as both teams pelted each other with snowballs. Each side earned points for their army and worked toward victory for their leader. Bullies rose to the occasion, flinging balls of not just snow, but ice. Some children broke under pressure, reducing themselves to pathetic tears, but the war presses onward.

Those who seek more information should look toward the Grand Arena.

Toward the middle/end of the celebrations, there will be similar celebrations to last year, be it a crystal sale, auction or what have you.