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Behold the arcane magicks of reanimation, as a clunky forum thread is struck down and risen anew as the almighty blog!


Hi guys.

So within the next something something period of time, Jaethor and the Godlettes (this is also the name of our band and forthcoming album) will be looking into refining and patching holes in our one and only help file system. While we have a small list of things to tackle on that note when the time is right, what we'd like from you all is...well. More things to tackle.

We're currently looking for requests along the lines of:
1. topics missing help files*
2. topics requiring more expansive or clear help files
3. topics requiring more accessible terms (aliases, such as DEITIES, GODS and PANTHEON all linking to HELP 12.1)


* if you can't find what you're looking for, it's entirely possible that the file you intend to find isn't yet labelled correctly. Put HELPSEARCH to use, just in case!

Updated 8th April 2015 at 02:38 AM by Nakarym

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  1. Nakarym's Avatar
    Per request (and severe need):

    HELP 4.9 (previously HELP MOTIONS) has been updated to include all relevant syntax and information pertaining to city elections, guild elections and (yes) city motions. Access expanded to include the terms: election, elections, vote, voting, motions, contest, question.
  2. Nakarym's Avatar
    HELP 4.8 (gpolitics) has received a facelift, with various notes of heresy and happy lies removed.
  3. Nakarym's Avatar
    Each entry in HELP 1 has been modified, citing typo fixes, information refreshers and an expansion in keywords.

    The latter are as follows:
    1.1 - introduction, intro
    1.2 - concept
    1.3 - environment
    1.4 - syntax
    1.5 - connecting, connect, telnet, client, clients

    new keyword
    Updated 17th April 2015 at 06:25 PM by Nakarym
  4. Nakarym's Avatar
    Thank the player of Nohwan for pointing out an issue with HELP 11.10 (apothecaries)

    File now correctly states PUFF as the interaction verb for smoking pipes. Changes also include the addition and specification of certain bits of information, nothing of import to seasoned players. New keywords (there are a lot): herb, herbs, curing, cure, cures, curative, curatives, smoke, pipe, pipes, affs, afflictions
  5. Seig's Avatar
    not sure if this is in the works or not... but a help file for fishing basics would be nice. tried help searching fish, and fishing.

    also since this is new, this could be in the works as well, but a help file on combat ranks would be nice so I don't have to keep searching for the bb posts on it.
  6. Nakarym's Avatar
    They are now ooooooon the list, fleshy one.
    Updated 15th April 2015 at 04:33 AM by Nakarym
  7. Nakarym's Avatar
    Thank the player of Dilios for pointing out missing information.

    HELP 13.4 (lock[s]) has been given a big overhaul, with more organised syntax and the addition of important, related information. Added keywords: locking, unlock, unlocking, key, keys, keywork, lockchange
    Updated 15th April 2015 at 04:41 AM by Nakarym
  8. Nakarym's Avatar
    A wild HELP 13.11 (fishing) has appeared!
  9. Nakarym's Avatar
    Behold also, HELP 13.12 (feats).

    This comes also with a bit of shuffling. HELP LIBRARY, previously directing players to the file on the Worldsend Library, has since been changed to HELP GREATLIBRARY or HELP WORLDSEND.

    The first now routes to a new file detailing city libraries (HELP 4.17).
    Updated 17th April 2015 at 06:24 PM by Nakarym
  10. Nakarym's Avatar
    Behold also also, HELP 11.19 (combatranks) is born.

    Thank the player of Seig for his above requests, which have now been fulfilled!
  11. Nakarym's Avatar
    HELP 11.12 (playerkilling) has been given a minor update. The absent information (which for years has been held as common law) concerning pk when it comes to marching armies is now present. Added keyworks: pk, pvp, playerkill
  12. Tuuli's Avatar
    New website, also JTML Client.

    HELP 1.5 need change?
  13. Nakarym's Avatar
    HELP 1.5 has been updated per the above mention. Thanks!
  14. Tuuli's Avatar
    HELP 2.1 - New website, map link bug
    HELP 3.16 - Renew map... Map never crumble? (Is bug? Not bug?)
    HELP 4.4 - Double space: "it to outsiders."
    HELP 4.13 - Formatting odd, first two lines. (also later)
    HELP 4.16 - Paragraph 2 format odd?
    HELP 5.2 - New guilds, not on list: Demonologist, Monk, Conjurers
    HELP 5.5 - 105% is odd. "There is more to see. Type MORE to continue reading. (105%) "
    HELP 5.11 Double space: "a merchant requires"

    HELP 5.11 - No "They are loyal to the Realm of the Sun."
    HELP 5.12 - No "They are loyal to the Shadow Realm."
    HELP 5.13 - No "They are loyal to the Demonic Realm."

    HELP 5.14 - "They are loyal to the Realm of Shadows" not same as "They are loyal to the Shadow Realm.", look other help files! Also need full stop.
    HELP 5.19 - "They are loyal to the Sun Realm." not same as "They are loyal to the Realm of the Sun.", look other help files!
    HELP 5.20 - Need full stop: "They are loyal to the Shadow Realm"

    HELP 6.1 - Extra blank line, at end before prompt. Intentional? If yes, no extra line HELP 5.11, intentional?
    HELP 6.6 - Extra blank line, at end before prompt. Intentional? If yes, no extra line HELP 5.11, intentional?
    HELP 6.8 - Double space: "developed mentally. As"

    Tuuli use HTML5 Client
    Updated 17th January 2016 at 01:34 AM by Tuuli
  15. Nakarym's Avatar
    I love you, Tuuli. Truly. I'll have these patched up this afternoon
  16. Tuuli's Avatar
    HELP - "Copyright 2003-2014 to Akanbar." update to 2016.

    HELP 7 - Need capital start letter:

    HELP 7.3 - Typo?: magicks (Says '7.3 Mental magics' in header. Need be consistent?)
    HELP 7.4 - Double space: "primary weapons"
    HELP 7.4 - Typo?: magicks

    HELP 7.22 - Formatting odd, first 5 lines.
    HELP 7.23 - Formatting odd, line 3-4, also second paragraph.
    HELP 7.24 - Formatting odd, all lines.
    HELP 7.25 - "them for*x their" + need fullstop at end.

    HELP 8.3 - Double spaces: "trade. You", "ores. As", "piece. Sometimes", "flexible. The"

    HELP 9.1 - Double space: "year. Use"
    HELP 9.5 - Double spaces: "coin. Should", "rooms -"

    HELP 10.2 - Not consistent fullstop end, in list page 2.

    HELP 10.3 - "NAME [MOUNT] [Name]" [Name] all caps?
    HELP 10.3 - "MOUNTNUDGE [Name]" and "MOUNTNUZZLE [Name]" should be [TARGET] not [Name]?

    Tuuli not sure, double space because HTML5 client?
    Updated 29th January 2016 at 11:51 PM by Tuuli
  17. Tuuli's Avatar
    Idea for HELP 11.11 Challenges:

  18. Tuuli's Avatar
    Keyword idea for HELP 6.1:

  19. Teodre's Avatar
    13.10 cuts off at the end, about Asagi's customization
  20. Nakarym's Avatar
    This project is now defunct. Please submit BUGs to detail any missing//incomplete information or cut-offs.