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  1. The Help You Need

    Behold the arcane magicks of reanimation, as a clunky forum thread is struck down and risen anew as the almighty blog!


    Hi guys.

    So within the next something something period of time, Jaethor and the Godlettes (this is also the name of our band and forthcoming album) will be looking into refining and patching holes in our one and only help ...

    Updated 8th April 2015 at 02:38 AM by Nakarym

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  2. Akanbar: A new place in my heart.

    The last week or so, I've been logging on. Sometimes intermittently, other times hours at a time. Usually I don't see anyone, which isn't surprising. I've been gone a few months, but really, even before that, I rarely saw more than a couple of people. So maybe some of you actually check in here, maybe you don't, I just want to shout this into space, and see if I can hear the echo.

    I really like video games, I'm sure I'm not the only one, but it's sort of a thing with me. An addiction, ...
  3. Feature Highlight: Fishing

    As you are all well aware, I am not only dashingly handsome, but also a wonderful motivational speaker
    and pitchman. Yes, really. To demonstrate the latter of these endowments, I give you the first entry of
    my Feature Highlight blog series, which is sure to amaze and mystify you. You will laugh, you will cry,
    you will feel emotions unable to be named by the greatest scholars of the ages.

    Or not. We'll see.



    Updated 11th September 2013 at 12:52 AM by Nakarym (comma comma comma comma comma chameeeeleeeoooon)

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  4. Events: The PSA

    Greets all,

    After the last competition, I realized that not all players knew too much about interacting with NPCs and/or events. I'm hoping people will see this blog post and learn how to more efficiently use their time so that they're not standing in front of an npc, talking at it and getting frustrated when it doesn't respond.

    How do I initiate a conversation with an NPC?
    Swell question, Jim. The issue is that while Jaethor may be omnipresent, I am not. If ...
  5. RP:GBLW - Questionnaire: Storyline and Plot Devices

    Hello, all. As you may have noted, I've taken the liberty of crawling back out of that crack between the wall and floorboards to blah blah enlighten blah blah words. Long story short, I'm back. Again. So let's touch base a bit, shall we? If you happen to be at all interested, I've come up with a few short questions for you all to answer in the comments below. Based on responses and the discussions sparked, I will formulate a proper follow-up blog positively stuffed with all of the intrigue, wisdom ...

    Updated 30th December 2012 at 02:19 AM by Dimetrius

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